Ryan Hansen, Ph.D.


Want a therapist who will make you laugh, make you cry, and kick your rear end to engage in behaviors that will move you toward your goals? I provide modern therapies for modern problems, specializing in digital addictions, depression, anxiety, OCD, substance use, and PTSD. I’m a big nerd, I love working with college students, and currently teach Abnormal Psychology at OSU.

I use different interventions, depending on the type of problem we are tackling. I have extensive training in manualized and less-structured Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for mood and anxiety disorders. I also utilize Motivational Interviewing for addictions, Prolonged Exposure for PTSD, and Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD.

As a researcher and clinician, I focus on how social media, gaming, Netflix, and the internet have radically changed how we connect with our selves and others, in both good and bad ways. I help people get as much of the good and as little of the bad as possible.


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