James Braga

Clinical Social Worker, LISW-S

I focus on supporting you in understanding your present problems in new ways and discovering novel, practical options you can take to increase satisfaction and reduce distress. I work to assist you in clarifying your personal needs and noticing what interferes with feeling fulfilled or grounded.

Often times, action toward getting our needs met comes with considerable risk. I am here to help facilitate your growth process as you understand and work through patterns that interfere with well-being but often also function as helpful, self-protection.

Sometimes these patterns have been around a while, helping us survive and accommodate to difficult circumstances. At other times, they’re not so deep seated but are so “second nature” it’s hard to step out of the cycle and reset. I work with you to increase insight into these patterns while cultivating greater mindful self-awareness.

Insight and present-centered awareness provide access to new choices and enhanced abilities to cope with struggles with greater confidence and resilience. These prepare us to experiment with approaching situations that are risky yet carry rich potential. I provide an empowering space that helps you to make meaningful changes and experience relief in life.

Areas of Expertise

Conflict Resolution
Emotion Regulation
Gender Concerns
Identity / Self-image
Identity-Based Trauma
Life Transitions
LGBTQ+ Concerns
Panic Attacks
Relationship Counseling
Stress Management
Trauma Recovery