New Clients

We ask all new clients to schedule a 15 minute appointment with our administrative team to review their insurance benefits, answer any questions they have about counseling, and to schedule their appointment. Be ready to provide a picture of your insurance card and the name, birthday, and address of the primary account holder for your insurance when completing the form.

ASD Testing

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder Testing?

Autism affects many people all over the world and as the title suggests, it is on a spectrum. This means that there are varying degrees of autism with each person having their own constellation symptoms. Some Autistic adults require more supports and are easier to diagnose than others, while some may just be somewhat on the spectrum and display a lot less symptoms. These tests help us determine where you fall on that spectrum so you can receive the help that you need. It’s very common for some people to be highly functional while also being on the Autism spectrum which can leave them with many questions on why they may be different.

What Can Be Expected?

With Autism Spectrum Disorder testing we are able to give you answers to the questions that may have been racing in your head for a long time now. Once the test is taken and we determine you are on the autism spectrum, you can expect us to take the next necessary steps in helping you receive the treatment you need. With these tests we will strive to assist you in any way possible whether that’s with medication or therapy sessions.

How Do We Get started?

To get started with your Autism Spectrum Disorder test get in contact with us today and join the waitlist. First, we’ll have you fill out a form, reach out to you and verify insurance, contact your insurance company to verify any benefits, and finally invite you to our client portal where you can schedule your appointment.