New Clients

We ask all new clients to schedule a 15 minute appointment with our administrative team to review their insurance benefits, answer any questions they have about counseling, and to schedule their appointment.  Be ready to provide a picture of your insurance card and the name, birthday, and address of the primary account holder for your insurance when completing the form.

ADHD Testing

What is ADHD Testing?

About 7-10% of Children and 3-5% of adults have ADHD, though the majority are not diagnosed or do not receive adequate treatment. ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that involves difficulties with executive functioning skills. By definition, it has its roots in childhood and how the brain is formed, though the symptoms sometimes do not exceed an individual’s ability to compensate for them until adulthood.

ADHD is not the only thing that can make individuals struggle with inattention, procrastination, restlessness, and the other symptoms of ADHD. Anxiety, Depression, Substance Use, and other problems can produce some of the same results or sometimes mask the symptoms of ADHD. A formal diagnosis of ADHD is also often required before individuals can access some of the more effective medications or school accommodations for ADHD. Unfortunately, some people may try to access these medications or accommodations who do not have ADHD. That is why formal testing, including a thorough diagnostic interview, standardized self-report measures, information provided by friends and loved ones, and behavioral testing in our office is required to accurately diagnose the disorder.


What Can Be Expected?

To start the process, click on the link above to schedule a meeting with our administrative team to go over costs, insurance benefits, policies, and procedures. You will schedule your appointments at that time.

You will be given a link to complete the required paperwork, which must be completed at least one week prior to your appointment (or you will lose your appointment slot).

You will have three appointments. Your first can be online or in-person, and will be with a clinician who will ask you questions about your ADHD and any factors that may be influencing your symptoms. You will clarify what questions you want answered in the process, and they will select which tests will be appropriate to answer them.

On the second appointment, which must be in-person, you will meet with one of our psychometrists and will complete the behavioral tests. These could include tests measuring your cognitive abilities, attention, reaction time, reading ability, and academic performance. If you are comparing ADHD testing at other centers, know that sometimes prescribers, schools, and standardized test administrators will not accept the results of testing that does not include these behavioral measures or the input of friends and family members. Check and make sure that your evaluation meets the requirements of the intended individual or organization before making your selection.

In the third appointment, which can be online or in-person, your clinician will review a report summarizing their findings and provide a plan to adequately address your symptoms.

How Do We Get started?

To get started, click on the link below to schedule your meeting with our administrative team to review your insurance benefits, costs, policies, and procedures. Be ready to provide a picture of your insurance card and the name, birthday, and address of the primary account holder for your insurance.