Our Testing Process

We are pleased to announce that our practice is equipped for Adult ADHD, Autism, and ADHD/Autism Combined Testing! If you are interested in testing, it is essential that you read and understand all of the following information:

  • At this time, we are only able to test individuals who are 18 years old or older.
  • Please do not start this process unless you can afford an anticipated cost between $650 and $2100. We accept several insurances, which helps. Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not cover all of the testing processes, and this is the most common result when we contact your insurance company regarding your benefits (which we will check before the “Introductory Administrative Conversation”).
  • This extensive process requires a lot of time from you and highly trained individuals. We like to inform clients what they are getting into before starting the process.
  • You MUST pay your estimated financial obligation upfront before attending the first testing appointment with one of our clinicians.
  • The ADHD testing process consists of 3 sessions, and the Autism testing process consists of 2 sessions. A combined ADHD/Autism testing process consists of 3 longer sessions.
    • You will meet with a clinician (approximately 1-3 hours) for a Clinical Interview to assess your symptoms; for ADHD testing only, you will meet with a psychometrist (approximately 2.5-3 hours) for formal psychological testing (tests measuring your cognitive abilities, attention, reaction time, reading ability, and academic performance), and finally for a formal feedback session with the initial clinician (approximately 1-1.5 hour). Only the meeting with the psychometrist will be in person at one of our office locations; both other appointments occur through the Internet. After the end of your testing process, you will receive a formal testing report documenting your diagnoses and containing recommendations for the next steps (which may include recommendations for medications or accommodations if appropriate).

If you want to get tested, schedule an “Introductory Conversation”  with our Testing Coordinator (a 30-minute video meeting). Once we have verified your benefits, we will send you an email with an estimated cost for testing before you meet with the Testing Coordinator. During this meeting, we will review your insurance benefits and cost for testing, answer your questions about testing, share our policies and procedures, and schedule you for testing if you are ready to proceed.

Once we have scheduled you for testing, we will follow up with our electronic intake packet via our Simple Practice client portal, which includes several self-report measures. Please note that this may take 2-3 hours to complete and should be completed 48 hours after being scheduled. Once you complete the intake package, you will receive our Welcome to Testing email with detailed information about your testing process and additional online assessments, which MUST be completed within 48 hours of receiving this email.

Testing individuals for ADHD and Autism, it is no surprise that many people struggle to complete their paperwork on time. We get it, but to be fair to others waiting to be tested, you must complete your paperwork promptly. If ALL paperwork in the electronic intake packet is not completed a week after being scheduled, your appointment may be canceled, and we will have to reschedule once it’s ready. Additionally, if you do not cancel your appointments with at least a 48-hour notice, you will be subject to the late cancellation fee or if you are a no-show.

Lastly, in preparation for your formal psychological testing appointment with the psychometrist (i.e., the in-person appointment), you MUST abstain from cannabis use one week before this appointment and on the day of the appointment from caffeine, alcohol, stimulants, and all other non-prescribed drugs.

Please feel free to follow up with any additional questions or concerns by emailing us at testing@resetbuttoncounseling.com.