Dixie Hu, Ph.D.


If you’re reading this, I congratulate you on your courage and determination to seek help.
Authenticity, self-alliance, and curious exploration are the core themes of my therapy. I view
well-being holistically from a biopsychosocial-spiritual lens, i.e. your early life upbringing,
biology, social relationships, stressful life events, demographics, conscious and subconscious
thought patterns, emotional skills, and society all influence your mental health. In practice, I
blend empirically supported treatments with energy / spiritual work and social justice informed
by 10 years of training and practice. My job and passion are to unconditionally accept you as we
work together to build your self-awareness, self-empowerment, and healing.
My style of therapy offers not only listening, but also proactive guidance, skills, challenges to
explore or experiment, and above all learning about you and your patterns. I use a range of
interventions that are tailored to your presentation and needs (e.g., manualized treatments in
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Prolonged Exposure; Exposure and Response Prevention;
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy principles; mindfulness principles, emotional energy
techniques; inner child, shadow, or parts work; guided imagery meditation, EFT tapping, vagus
nerve stimulation exercises, and (if requested) spiritual card reading). I work on trauma / PTSD,
emotion regulation, depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, grief, relationship / boundary issues,
health behavior change, stress management, and self-development.

Areas of Expertise

Anger Management
Career Concerns
Chronic / Terminal Illness
Conflict Resolution
Emotion Regulation
Grief and Loss
Identity / Self-image
Identity-Based Trauma
Life Transitions
Marginalization, Prejudice, and Victimization
Panic Attacks
Racial Trauma
Relationship Counseling
Social Justice Concerns
Spiritual Concerns
Stress Management
Substance Use
Trauma Recovery
Weight Management
Women’s Issues
Energy work
Holistic healing
Shadow / subconscious work
Jungian exploration (dream interpretation, divination, intuition)


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