New Clients

We ask all new clients to schedule a 15 minute appointment with our administrative team to review their insurance benefits, answer any questions they have about counseling, and to schedule their appointment. Be ready to provide a picture of your insurance card and the name, birthday, and address of the primary account holder for your insurance when completing the form.

ADHD Testing

About 7-10% of Children and 3-5% of adults have ADHD, though the majority are not diagnosed or do not receive adequate treatment. We offer comprehensive testing for ADHD and related disorders, and we help you find the treatment you need to no longer have ADHD hold you back.

ASD Testing

Adults with severe Autism are often caught early, but those with milder forms on the spectrum are often overlooked. With the recent rise in awareness of ASD, many adults are realizing that they may be on the spectrum. We can help determine whether your difficulties are from ASD or other sources.

Individual Therapy

With individual therapy, you and the therapist will be able to work one on one in an open and non-judgmental environment using techniques backed by scientific evidence and experience.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a form of therapy that involves you, your significant other, and a therapist. This type of therapy isn’t just reserved for married couples but can be beneficial to anyone.